3x the best coworking places in London

Let’s talk about London for a change. The vibrant, pretty international capital city of the United Kingdom.
I really like this place, such a vibrant working culture, but, let’s be honest, it’s pricy!

So, it’s probably not the first city where we as nomads think about to work and live in.
But, if you ever end up here, on a city trip or visiting friends and need to get some work done, I can recommend some nice coworking places!

I used the app @getcroissant to find coworking places. It’s an app where you can find coworking spaces worldwide, you have different memberships and it’s easy to work with.

If you’re curious and wanna know more, check out these link:

To be completely transparent, I have a collaboration with them, therefore I can use the app Getcroissant and try out coworking spaces. Super nice!
So, I collected the coworking spaces I liked the most in London, enjoy!

Number 1: Launch 22


Vibe: Entrepreneurial, innovative, inspiring.

Area: Finsbury, close to subway station King Cross.
Address: 32 Cubitt St, London.
Opening hours: Monday till Friday: 8.30 AM – 8 PM / Saturday & Sunday: Closed

My experience:

This is one of my favourite workspaces, without any doubt. I remember that I felt a bit lost and stressy coming here, I had a deadline and struggled with finding it and walked two times in the wrong direction ( I can’t really blame Google Maps for this, more my Google Maps reading skills haha).  Anyway, I found the place and the woman who was sitting behind the desk was super sweet and showed me around. I felt really welcome and also the people around me stopped by to make a little chat. Such a nice welcome.

The workspace:
This space is stunning, there is a big table in the middle where people can work on. Also, the people were really chill and layback. There are multiple offices on the side, there is a kitchen where you can make drinks or food and there is also a chill area where you can sit with your laptop or read a book. There are a lot of office supplies like beemers and printers as well.

The speedtest:

 A nice coworking vibe, people are layback, international and chill
– Wifi works pretty well
– There is a little kitchen with free tea and coffee included.

– Closed on the weekends.


Number 2: Benk & CO


Vibe: Cafe, cosy, living room.

Area: Whitechapel
Address: 4-6 Gravel Ln, London
Opening hours: Monday till Friday: 8 AM – 6 PM / Saturday & Sunday: Closed

My experience:
This coworking is completely different than the first one, but also really nice. It’s a mix between a coworking office and a cafe. Perfect if you like the cafe vibes, but don’t wanna go to a ‘real’ cafe.

The workspace:
The workspace is based bellow cafe ‘Benk & Co’ and is pretty dark (in my opinion). There is a big table, meeting room and you also can choose to work in the restaurants if it’s not too busy. Wifi works, but it was a bit slower than other places.

The speedtest:

– Really good food and coffee from the cafe (unfortunately not included ;)).
– Cafe vibes.
– Quiet workspace.
– Lockers are available.
– Conference room available on request.
– There is a lounge area.


– It’s a bit dark.
– The wifi was a bit slower then I’m used to.
– Closed on the weekends.


Number 3: Central Working


Vibe: International, lounge. chic

Area: Clerkenwell
Address: Zetter Hotel, 86-88 Clerkenwell Road, London.
Opening hours: Monday till Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM / Saturday & Sunday: Closed

My experience:

This one was, again, completely different than the other coworking spaces, nevertheless definitely worth mentioning. It has an international vibe, is based in a fancy hotel and there are so many little workplaces to work, so it feels like you have a lot of privacy. And, if you end up here at the end of the day, check out the awesome bar!

The workspace:
This coworking is based in a hotel. There are a lot of different tables and one big table where you can work from. I have to say, these chairs were really comfy!

The speedtest:

– There is really fast wifi
– It’s quiet with a lot of privacy
– A hotel vibe feeling.
– It has a cute pink Instagram proof interior.
– You get 20% discounts on restaurant food and drinks.

– Closed on the weekends.

My experience with coworking spaces in London:

I loved the fact that all the spaces were so different. One got more a hotel vibe (central working), one more an office/flex place (launch 22) and the other more a cafe vibe (Benk & Co) with a workspace under it. I was mindblown by Launch 22, mainly because the space is so pretty. But I loved working in them all.

There are a lot of different coworking spaces divided over London, more than those 3, but for me, these are my favourites. You won’t regret, to check it out! 🙂

X Suzanne