Coworking places are growing everywhere. Not only nomads are interested in a shared workplace, but also freelancers, startups or smaller companies see advantages in sharing offices. Before I tell more about my experiences, let me explain what it is.

A coworking space is a shared office where you can work with good wifi. Some of them have meeting rooms, skype booths, office supplies, coffee and tea possibilities and a community. Basically, the workspace has everything to offer to get your work done.

I recently discovered GetCroissant, a platform online and an app that offers shared offices worldwide. One of the best things about this platform for me is the fact that you can try out new spaces. No routine, every day another office (or not, if you found a good one, why change right?), it’s up to you. But, the fact that I have options is something I really like about this concept.

Source: croissant coworking website

A little bit more about GetCroissant:

What is GetCroissant?
It’s a platform for coworking spaces. Super easy, you pay for a membership that suits you and you can choose where you would like to work. Rotterdam, London, Paris, it’s all possible!

How does it work?
If you open the app you can find different spaces worldwide. You only can book a space when it’s open (the opening hours are written in the app). You can hold the seat for an hour, to be sure that you have a spot. In the meanwhile, you can travel to the location and there you can check in at the app when you arrive. When you arrive, you show the app and the coworkingspace will give you all the information you need and the wifi of course. Then, you’re good to go!

Why would you use a coworking space?
There are of course a lot of cafes where you can go and get your work then, but, If I speak for myself, I get more productive being surrounded by other workers. There is a networking opportunity, fewer distractions, there is always good wifi (what’s a coworking space without good wifi right?), there is free coffee or tea, there are office supplies (like printers, beemers ) and there are skype boots or meeting rooms. Especially the last one is perfect if you have meetups with new clients.

Can you switch coworking spaces?
Yes! You can choose different spaces in the same city, but also in different countries. Really flexible.

Check out this site if you would like to know more about GetCroissant:


In full honesty, because you all know I love to be open with my audience, I did a collaboration with them to write this article. I was able to test the app GetCroissant and write a blog about the concept and my experiences. Spoiler alert, I really liked it!

I decided to test a lot of locations in Berlin (because currently, I am living here for a couple of weeks) and collected the one I liked the most, ready to see which ones?

5x the best coworking spaces in Berlin:

#1: Esdip


Vibe: Industrial, hip, layback.

Area: Friedrichshain.
Address: Grünberger strasse 48B, Berlin, De 10245.
Opening hours: Monday till Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM / Saturday & Sunday: Closed

My experience:
This place was without any questioning, my favourite one in Berlin. Not only do I love the area, but also the space is really nice. There are different offices, it’s quiet, there is ventilation everywhere (something that is definitely a plus if you’re visiting Berlin during the summer) and I love the chairs. If you ask me what a must have is, for coworking spaces, I would say good chairs. They really make the difference.

The workspace:
The workplace is pretty big. You have an office downstairs, but also an upstairs office. Therefore there is always a  place to work. It’s a mix between fixed desks and rented places. So there is a nice community of working people who are coming here more often. The people in the coworking space are a big mix. I like that! Mostly between 20 and 50, in for a chat but also serious and working. Mostly art/design related workwise. There are flex and fixed seats available.

The speedtest:
*A little side note, normally the wifi is stronger, but the day that I came they had a problem with the provider, so this was the backup internet.

– Really good chairs (honestly the best ones I tested so far in Berlin).
– It’s quiet and good for focusing.
– There is a kitchen available with a microwave.
– There are printers available.
– There is a conference room available (not included, booking in advance).

– There are no skype booths.
– The place is closed in the weekends


#2: Ahoy Berlin


Vibe: Bright, playful, open.

Area: Mitte
Address: Wattstrasse 11, 2nd floor, Berlin, De 13355.
Opening hours: Monday till Friday: 9 AM – 6 PM / Saturday & Sunday: Closed

My experience:
Really, what’s not to love about this place? There is plenty of space, people are friendly, the atmosphere is really layback and there are a lot of different offices. There is a cafe, everyday a community lunch and a table soccer table for your work breaks.

The workspace:
This space is huge, there are different seating areas, skype booths, office supplies, a cafe area, a play area (with a table soccer table) and they also have airco. (Something what si really handy during summer in Berlin!)


– Beautiful, big bright space with a lot of windows.
– Different work areas, some more quiet, some more social.
– A lot of privacy, you can easily claim a small table if you want to work alone.
– There are a lot of office supplies, skype booths and meeting rooms.
– There is air conditioning.

– I didn’t like all the chairs that much. Some are really good and some aren’t that comfy after a couple of hours of work.
– It’s closed on the weekends.


#3: Mindspace


The vibe of the space: entrepreneurial, design, inspiring.

Area: Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg.
Address: Skalitserstrasse 104, Berlin, DE 10997
Opening hours:  Monday till Friday: 9 AM – 6. PM / Saturday & Sunday: Closed

My experience:
The place felt a bit too big for me, therefore also less personal. Also meeting up wise I didn’t talk to anyone. Not because I didn’t want to, but mostly because everyone was so focused on themselves and was sitting far away from each other. I did like the design of the place a lot, it’s really pretty and also the offices look really good. Also, the chairs and the wifi are a big plus.

The workspace:
The place is stunning, there is a big table in the middle where people can work on. There are multiple offices on the side, there is a kitchen where you can make drinks or food and there even is a chill area where you can sit with your laptop or read a book. The place is pretty big, there are 2 floors where you can work.


– It’s really big. There are different offices, skype booth, lounge areas and printers available.
– There is air conditioning.
– There are Skype booths.
– There is an event space available.
– There is free coffee/ tea.

– It wasn’t really personal, mostly because of the big space.
– It’s closed on the weekends


#4: Heartspace members club


Vibe: Professional, local, small & quiet.

Area: Kreuzberg
Address: Urbanstrasse 71, First courtyard, 4th floor, Berlin, De 10967.
Opening hours: Monday till Friday: 10 AM – 6.30 PM / Saturday & Sunday: Closed

My experience:
This was one of the smallest co workings spaces I’ve been in, but I actually really liked it. Mostly locals were working here and it was really good for focusing. There is a dog walking around, a really cute one, but if you’re allergic or don’t like to be surrounded by animals, don’t go here. Also the wifi worked really fast. The fastest so far!

The workspace:
The workspace isn’t that big as I said, but it has all the things you will probably need. There is a meeting room, there is office space, there is a kitchen, free coffee and tea. There are flex seats and fixed seats available.  

The speed test:

– The internet is really fast.
– There is a conference room available

– There are no skype booths.
– It’s more basic than the other options.


#5: Heartspace Coworking & coffee


Vibe: cafe-style working space / international audience.

Area: Kreuzberg
Address: Urbanstrasse 70a, Berlin, DE 10967.
Opening hours: Monday till Friday: 8.30 AM – 5 PM / Saturday & Sunday: Closed

My experience:
In the beginning, I didn’t realise that Heartspace members club and Heartspace cafe were different things. But, when I walked in, I realised it and thought, maybe it’s nice to test them both. The big difference, this is more chatty, low key and perfect if you wanna work in a cafe, but don’t wanna be the ‘annoying freelancer’ who only orders a coffee and works there for 5 hours.

The workspace:
This coworking place or cafe I have to say is totally different than the other spots. I really liked it, mostly because I love to work in cafes, but normally the chairs are really bad. The chairs in this place are comfy, the wifi works good, I loved the food and I really enjoyed working there.

The speed test:

(I used the same network from upstairs – The heartspace offices)

– I liked the fact that I can work in a ‘cafe’, but don’t feel awkward about staying for hours, then I normally do in a normal cafe.
– The people are really friendly and it’s for a cafe quiet and a nice spot to focus on.
– Powerpoints everywhere.
– The food and coffee were really good.

– There are no office supplies, printers, skype booth or meeting rooms.
– It’s more a cafe setting than an office.
– It’s closed on the weekends


My experience with GetCroissant:

I loved this concept. The fact that I could try out multiple co-working spaces, everywhere in different countries is perfect for a nomad like me. I hope that my research about the coworking places in Berlin will help you too, finding the best place to work suitable for you!  I’m also sure I will keep using the app, because for me as a digital nomad it’s amazing to work worldwide, network and see different workplaces. I can’t wait to try out different places in Europe and collecting my favourites worldwide.

Stay tuned, more co-working spaces are definitely coming on the blog!

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