What’s in the backpack of a digitalnomad?

In this video I wills show you what’s in my backpack. I am a light traveler, I think it can be more minimalistic, but for my work I do need a lot of cameragears (and that’s quite heavy). At the moment I am travelling in Asia, so you can expect a lot of summeritems. I would say, check it out! It might give you some inspiration.


My ultimate Asia packlist:

Lowe Alpine 35 liter (link)

Osprey 20 liter (link)

Basics clothes
5 x underware
5 x socks (2 thermo)
2 x bh (bralette/sport)
2 x bikini
1 x  dress
2 x skirts)
1 x short
2 x hemps
1 x longsleeve
1 x sweater
1 x rainjacket
1x scarf
1x head

1x sport short
1x yogapaints
1x trekking paints
1x thermo longsleeve

Trekking: lowa
Sportshoes: puma
Sandals : tefa

General: Toothbrush, hoothpaste, elastics,clips, dryshampoo.
First Aid Kit:ORS, painkillers, blisters, mallariatablets
Makeup: mascara, remover, eyeshadow, mirror
Other: towel

Camera gear
Nikon3200 (zoom lens, 50mm lens) / charger/extra battery
Nikon1j5 (system camera)
Dronebag (drone, charger, battery’s, filters)
Extra memmoriecards

Nomad stuff:
Telephone/ adapter/ portable charger
Kabelorganiser: ears, ‘tussenadapter’, muis, microphone (link), statief. (link)
disc (geheugen)
Drybacks (for the electronic devices)