Wanderlust photographer & content creator

Hi, I am Suzanne Schuringa. I am a wanderlust photographer, blogger and yoga teacher.

As a wanderlust photographer, I love to capture travel and food related items. Like travel destinations, accommodations including restaurants, activities and co-working places.

I also blog about my personal life, about my adventures during my life as a digital nomad.

The reason why I started this blog is give an idea what I am doing as a digital nomad. I share my best digital nomad tips and give tips about my travel experiences.

More about me:
A couple of years ago, I was the person waiting for some opportunity, waiting for the perfect moment and guess what, it wasn't coming. So, why aren´t we creating moments ourself? My dream was always to work and travel the world. So, instead of waiting, searching that perfect job, what steps can I take to create that dream?

This is the dream, my journey. And I love to take you all on this adventure. Sharing my tips, my thoughts and showing the awesome places where I come during this journey.

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Inspiration & creation

What I can do for you?
- Photography with the focus on travel & food
- Drone photography
- Editing your photographs
- Blogging

Most of my clients: travel agencies, travel brands, travel sites, hotels, restaurants & co-working places.

Why you should hire me?
- Unique photographs that will stand out.
- Fast services, the pictures are ready in 1 week.

I’m open to any kind of collaborations, promotions, press trips and sponsorships as long as it fits with my digital nomad lifestyle.

Please don't hesitate to send an email to suzanneschuringa@hotmail.com so we can talk about the possibilities