About me

Hi, I am Suzanne Schuringa. I am a concept developer, wanderlust photographer and yoga teacher.

Lots of things, but my main focus is on developing food concepts and photography work on the side, food, travel and lifestyle-related.

As a food concept developer, I stay updated, travel worldwide to see the trends myself and love to create ideas from scratch into something bigger. So far, I helped to open 3 restaurants in Nepal (Dungga, Spice & Urban Press) and I'm excited about my future plans.

As a photographer, I focus myself on the market of nomads, think about shooting travel accommodations and co-working places.

During my work, I travel around as a digital nomad and blog whenever I feel inspired. So check it out if you're curious.

More about me:
Years ago, I think I would have described myself as the person waiting, waiting for that
perfect opportunity. For the perfect job, the perfect time to travel, anything. Guess what, life happens and I got a burnout. I was sick for a long time and it only made me realise that health, my mental and fysical health are the most important things I have.

So, why the wait? Why not try things? Maybe fail, but then try something else?

My dream is to combine my biggest passions, content creation (photographing, writing) and travelling. So, instead of waiting, I took steps, risks to create this dream. My dream, my journey. Trust me on this one, it goes with ups and downs, but that life?!
I love to take you all on this adventure. Sharing my tips, my thoughts and showing the awesome places where I come during this journey.

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What I can do for you?

- Food concept creation. Helping to develop a concept from scratch.
- Consultancy food design focused.
- Concent creation (photo's, blogs) mainly with the focus on lifestyle, travel & food

Most of my clients: Restaurant investors, travel agencies, startups, influencers, travel brands, travel sites, hotels, restaurants & co-working places.

I’m also open to any kind of collaborations, promotions, press trips and sponsorships as long as it fits with my digital nomad lifestyle.

Please don't hesitate to send an email to suzanneschuringa@hotmail.com so we can talk about the possibilities.