Are you searching for a good place to work with your laptop?

You can choose for co-working places like Hubud, Outpost and Roam in Ubud, but I also like to discover cafes where I can work. I collected my favourite ones to grab a cup of coffee and some food. All really different, central located and of course, with good wifi. Ready to check them out?

Unique working cafes in Ubud 

Folk (Pool & garden)

This place is a bit hidden, located between Ubud centre and the monkey forest. The place has a bar, garden terras, swimming pool, pool bar and a lot of seatings. I like to work in the garden, it has a jungle vibe and you can work in the shadow. Also important, the wifi works great and the coffee is really good. It’s a bit more expensive compared to the warungs on the road, but still really doable. They offer breakfast, lunch, shared plates, vegan options and a lot of drinks. You have a button on your table, so they don’t ask every minute if you would like to drink more, you just press the button if you’re up for some drinks or food. I would recommend going here in the morning, in the afternoon it can be busier. I ordered a frozen strawberry mint lemonade and can really recommend it!


Freak coffee

This is a really nice place to grab a coffee in the morning. Did I mention that they have awesome coffee? This place is a shop and cafe in one. It’s not big, but really cosy.
They are open from 8 o’clock and have a really nice vibe. The people are friendly, you can sit outside or inside and the prices are good. The offer vegan food, breakfast options and lunch. I ordered a soy cappuccino, a really good one. In my opinion, this place serves one of the best coffees of Ubud.


Lazy Cats Cafe

I got a tip from a friend to check this place out and I really liked it! This place is amazing. It’s a big livingroom cafe with a cosy interior. It’s open almost every day (closed on Mondays) and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. The vibe is really relaxed and the seatings are nice. It feels like you’re sitting in a living room and I really liked that. It is light and has ventilation, so even on a hot day, it’s a good place to be.

Garden cafe / Yoga Barn

This place is surrounded by a lot of nature. This place is perfect to work or just to read a book. It’s a bit hidden, but with google maps, it’s easy to find. I stayed in the Garden Cafe, the cafe from the Yoga Barn. The Yoga Barn is one of the popular yoga studios in Ubud. The food in the cafe is really good and healthy options are in overload. I ordered banana bread and a young coconut, both not pricy and really tasty.


Clear Cafe

This cafe looks really interesting from the outside and even more from the inside. There are different seating levels, on the floor, on pillows, close to the water, on a table in the lounge area and so on. It’s creative and really nice for working.
I tried the Buddha bowl salad and really liked it! Also, the dressing was good. In the cafe you can work with your laptop, they have powerpoints and the wifi works well. Also, the food menu is amazing and they have a lot of options!



This place I found out by surprise. It’s hip, has good food, decent coffees and is a chill place to sit for a while with your laptop.
It’s located close to the main street, but still quiet. This place serves not only good coffee but also really good food. It’s definitely worth your money. If you’re more on a budget, work here, drink something and check out the street where Mudra is located. It’s full of more local warungs! I can recommend coming here during the mornings, the evening can be quite busy, it’s not that big.

Other nice work cafes:

Anomali Coffee (good place to stay focused), Zest (modern and relaxed), Artman Kafe (hippie vibes), Monsieur Spoon (serves a lot of bakery items), Sage (vegan food and nice seatings), Mother at Wamm (quiet workplace)

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