Are you searching for a good place to work with your laptop in Hoi An? 

Hoi An is a city full of typical Vietnamese restaurants, but there are also a couple of nice places where you work with your laptop.
You also can choose for co-working places, like the Hub Hoi An, but if you want something different, keep reading.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a digital nomad or just need a nice place to work. All of the cafes I collected have:
good reliable wifi, powerpoints, good chairs and good food.

I would say, check out my favourites ones.
Hope you like it!

The best working cafes in Hoi An 

Sound of silence coffee shop ($)

This one is definitely a must-visit on a sunny day. This cafe is nicely located close to beach An Bang and has seatings inside and outside. (also in the shade). You will have a beach view, strong wifi and also the food tastes really good. The food is mostly a mix between western and Vietnamese, breakfast focused and the coffee is really tasty.
price: $


La petit patisserie ($)

This one isn’t that big but is a perfect place to work on a sunny day. This place is close by the Beach. This cafe offers only coffees, smoothies and pastries, but is therefore ideal to focus on working instead of eating 😉 I really like there Vietnamese coffee worth a try! They have seatings inside, but also a lot outside in the shades. The pastry is a bit pricey for Hoi An, but the coffee is cheap. Definitely, a cosy place to visit.


Avos & Mango ($$)

This cafe is definitely a hidden gem. The interior is amazing, the people are really nice and the food tastes great. You can work here quite relaxed with your laptop. The wifi is really fast, the coffee is tasty and the music is really chill.


SIX on Six ($$)

This is definitely a must visit place. They serve amazing coffees and great food. The cafe looks amazing and the owner is really nice! Also perfect for working. The wifi is reliable and they have powerpoints.


Dingo deli ($$)

This cafe isn’t the most unique place in Vietnam, but a good spot if you want to work quietly and have some western food. This place has different seating areas, inside, outside and upstairs. You can choose if you want a place with or without air conditioning, it’s up to you! There are a lot of plugs and the wifi works really good.

They serve mostly western food, decent coffees and vegetarian options are available. The food is a bit more pricey than the Vietnamese restaurants, but for a western place, it’s not that expensive (around 4/5 euros a meal).


Other nice work cafes: 

Harvest co-working cafe. ($$) & Crayon Cafe ($) 

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