Boutique Hotel Boat&Co in Amsterdam

Staycation at Boat&Co Amsterdam


The longer we have the lockdown in the Netherlands (April 2021), the more I need a little break. So, it’s staycation time in the Netherland! I had the idea to go to Amsterdam, the city that is normally full of tourists, but because of the lockdown, it’s quite empty. Time to make this place alive again!

I found the hotel Boat & Co, located in Amsterdam on the IJ river. Only 10 minutes from the center and surrounded by water. Sounds good right? The best thing about this place is the fact that it’s a little studio with a kitchen. Perfect when you’re not sure if the restaurants are already open or closed. It gives so much freedom. But It’s also chill in general. Having the freedom to make your own food or breakfast if you feel like it.

Hotel Boat&Co is a boutique hotel located on the river, with studios, apartments, or suites. Next to restaurant Vessel. t’s important to do something fun right? Time for a staycation in Amsterdam


Boat&Co is interesting enough not located on a boat. So expectation-wise, don’t get your hopes up;) But, I’m pretty sure you won’t get disappointed by this place. It looks amazing! The design, the colors, the location, it’s awesome.


The interior of Boat and Co is awesome. I would describe it as a mix between trendy, retro, and colorful. They offer a couch and table with seats in every room and all the rooms have a private bathroom and little kitchen. The kitchen is included with an oven, microwave, place to cook and.. they have a little dishwasher. Perfect if you ask me;) Also the bathroom is stunning, I really love the industrial little details in the classy romantic style. 


All the rooms have
– A little kitchen with a small heating stove, an oven, a microwave, a coffee and tea machine, and a fridge and dishwasher.
– A private bathroom with a stunning design.
– A small working table.
– A chill couch to read or enjoy the view.
– A big bed with a lovely mattress.


A funny thing about this hotel is that during corona times (April 2021) the hotel is corona-proof. They clean daily and deliver your breakfast in front of your room. 

co-working friendly
Boat&Co is co-working-friendly. Besides renting the hotel rooms overnight, they also offer services to rent a room during the day. For only 45 euros you can stay there to work. The wifi is fast and with the couch and tables, it’s the perfect place to work from and escape your own house for a while. 


The price of this hotel depends a bit on the room you book. Priceclasse is between 120 and 250 euros, depending on the room you book. Suites are more pricy. 

breakfast served 

The hotel offers a breakfast service and -OMG- I loved it. The breakfast is from the restaurant Vessel, the restaurant that works with the hotel. From scrambled to poached eggs, till avocado on Toast till fresh salmon, they have so many options. Are you vegan?  No worries! They got you covered. They have lots of things to choose from. You pay around 15 euros for a breakfast with coffee or tea included. 

Restaurant vessel

Hotel Boat*& Co has a restaurant called Vessels. The restaurant is downstairs and only a couple of minutes of walking. They have a big inside area, but also a big outside area on the waterside. It feels a little bit like a beach bar!

Curious to see what they have on the menu? 


Curious about booking your stay? Check out the link below! To be completely transparent, the link isn’t an affiliate link, meaning I don’t get paid when you use this link.


Thanks for reading this article about Boat&Co Amsterdam!
Hope you got inspired to book this awesome stay.

Written by Suzanne Schuringa