Creating exciting food concepts is part of my work.
But developing food concepts in a different country (Nepal) is challenging in many ways.

I get lots of questions about my work, so let’s write down some steps what I do in my work field.
For every restaurant, every concept, idea, pop up or event I have a different system.
Mostly, this is what I do when I set up food concepts.

Let´s start with showing my creations and after I would love to talk you through the process.

Before shoots – after


Our restaurants:

1.Urban Press

Name: ( Idea: Smoothie/ juice press, Coffee press)
Concept: A place where a healthy lifestyle is central. sports/…
Menu idea: Aussie style healthy breakfast options with lots of veggie and vegan options.
Drinks: Coffees, juices, smoothies, health shots
Food: Smoothie bowls, superfoods, avo toasts, french toasts, shakshuka, salads,



Nepalese fusion kitchen.
Concept: A Nepalese fusion restaurant with a focus on sharing meals for all your loved ones.


3. Burger tales

Burger Tales:
A Midnight food concept where you can order all kinds of burgers from veggie till meat the whole night.


My work process in Nepal

There is one thing different about my work as a concept developer and what I did in Nepal.
In Nepal we did everything together, from setting up a place to building a team around us, did lots of food tastings, search all the kitchen equipment and so on. All with all, super fun to be part of this experience.

My Learning points from working in Nepal:

–   Employers in Nepal have a totally different work mindest than in Europe 
For example, if it rains, they don’t show up and that is ‘normal’. You have to check everything, otherwise, they don´t do it.
– Time management is harder
Also, if there is a meeting at 3, don’t expect people to show up at 3. You’re lucky if they show up at all.
– The offer is limited.
– It totally depends on the export/season what kind of food you can get.
– Interior options are limited.
-The online market is not the best yet.
– Deliveries are quite slow

I created a little overview to make a little bit more clear about what my job is.
(Please keep in mind that this is a ‘small’ setup, there are much more steps involved in this process)

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