Going on a road trip with an Oldtimer in the Netherlands

A big thanks to www.devolkswagenkever.nl for letting me try their car!

Going on a road trip always has something exciting. At the moment it’s a popular trend to travel around and work from anywhere. But it’s also really fun as a day trip or weekend trip! 

Going on a road trip reminds me of traveling, something I missed during this slightly different year. So when I got a text from www.weloveoldtimers.com if I wanted to rent an oldtimer for a day. And of course, I said YES! To be completely honest here, I don’t have a driver’s license yet. But gladly my friends and family do have a license, so problem solved! One of them is going with me 😉

First stop: picking out the car and the route

When I arrived at the place I didn’t realize how many cars they had! I picked out the Kever Cabriolet Minty, mainly because the weather was great and I loved the color. 

So I had my car, the second decision to make was what kind of route did I wanted to do. They have multiple routes already planned out for you, but I like to go with the flow. My goal was to see at least one windmill, pick up some food for a picnic and to have a coffee break somewhere at the waterside.

On the Road

Driving around in the Netherlands was fun. Surrounded by trees, nature and cute little villages.

Second stop: coffee break

I’m always in for a coffee break! After driving around for only 20 minutes I saw a pretty spot surrounded by nature and knew this was the place to take a little break.

Good to know: The company has lots of tips written down for sightseeing and restaurants. And they gave us a goodie bag with goodies, some snacks and hot water for coffee, tea or hot chocolat.

Third stop: Picnic

This stop was probably one of my favorites. I mean, food?! Love it. We drove to a little bakery to pick up everything we needed for a picnic.

Bakery tip for a picnic basket: Bakkerij Margriet.

Good to know: 
– You have to order a picnic basket one day before.
– I wouldn’t recommend eating inside or at the terrace. It’s located on a street close to a mall, not the prettiest place for a stop.
– They also have bread, pastries, and different bakery items to order instead of a whole picnic basket. 

When we saw a nice spot, we parked our car and had a relaxed lunchbreak. Such a lovely way to spend the afternoon!

Fourth stop: windmill

You can’t go to the Netherlands without seeing a windmill right?! So when I saw this pretty one, I had to take a picture. A good thing to know is that most windmills are closed on Mondays. 

The one we visit: Molen Jan van Arkel

A fun fact about this windmill is that you can actually sleep here! They rent it out for tourists. Perfect for a special place to sleep if you ask me.

Fifth stop: waterside, fort & castle

My last stop was amazing! I wanted to go to the waterside but I had no clue where exactly.  I looked up the place ‘Vuren’ in the Netherlands and drove there.

The place had a fort, a castle on the other side of the water, there was also a ferry boat going in between the river. And there was a big fort. A lovely place to spend time!

Curious to go on a daytrip with an oldtimer?

I can recommend renting a car for a day trip! Especially during the summertime. It’s so much fun to go out there, explore and enjoy the nature of the Netherlands. 

Check out the websites if you’re curious and want more information: