Staycation at a beach house in Castricum

Staycation time in beach hotel zoomers in castricum

Recently I had the idea in mind that I wanted a sleepover on the beach. A lovely idea right? I mean, waking up, see the ocean and who knows maybe a balcony with a sea view? I did my homework, googled places in the Netherlands close to the beach until I found Beach Hotel Zoomers, located in Castricum. This one sounded like the perfect fit. Zoomers is a boutique hotel, located on the beach, with sea view rooms, a balcony, a little kitchen, and also surrounded by dunes. I looked it up on Instagram and I was sold. This one I wanted to test. I mean especially in these crazy times it’s important to do something fun right? Time for a staycation in North Holland!



Boutique hotel Zoomers is located in Castricum, North-Holland.  

Surprise, surprise, this hotel is located on the beach. Hotel Zoomers is only one year old and breaths design. All the hotels have the HK design and are all styled a bit different from how they would say unique rooms. I’m definitely a fan. Not only are the rooms pretty, they are super comfy too.


A funny thing about this hotel is that during corona times (April 2021) the hotel is completely corona-proof. The check-in is with codes and during your whole stay, you have a personal code to open your room. 


Beach hotel Zoomers is an eco-friendly boutique hotel. The hotel is built in an energy-neutral way. They also use mostly sustainable materials. What I love about this hotel is not only that they care for the world by using only eco-friendly products, but also that they show that eco-friendly doesn’t have to be boring. Because the rooms are stunning!  


The interior of beach hotel Zoomers has been furnished by the brand HK living. Meaning, natural tones, eco-friendly materials and a mix between bohemian and chique with a touch of nordic. 


All the rooms have, besides the HK design:
– A balcony with seats and a sea or dune view.
– A little kitchen with a small heating stoe, a coffee and tea machine and a frigde. 
– An open rainshower
– A small  working table
– A chill chair to read or enjoy the view.

Restaurant zoomers

Hotel Zoomers also has a restaurant called Zoomers. This restaurant is located on the beach and offers a variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options. The restaurant is just a minute walk from the hotel (the restaurant isn’t located in the hotel itself, but right on the beach). 
Curious to see what they have on the menu? 

breakfast served 

The hotel offers a breakfast service, but, like everything during corona times it’s not possible to eat this in the restaurant. They created a breakfast kit you can pick up and eat in your hotel (on your balcony for example!) I did it a little bit different to be honest, because I cooked myself in the little kitchen of the hotelroom.


The price of this hotel depends a bit on the room you book. Priceclasse is between 140 and 180 euros, depending on the room you book. 


Curious about booking your stay? Check out the link bellow! To be completely transparant, the link isn’t an affiliate link, meaning I don’t get paid when you use this link;)


It’s always fun to explore the environment when you go to a nex place!

1. Explore the dunes

There are many trailes to walk through only a couple of minutes from the hotel

2. enjoy the beachlife and watersports

There are many trailes to walk through only a couple of minutes from the hotel

 3. Explore Haarlem or castricum

 Are you more interested in exploring citys? No problem! Haarlem is a super cosy city located in half an hour from Castricum. Also Castricum itself can be nice to wander around. 



Thanks for reading this article about beachstay Zoomers.

Written by Suzanne Schuringa