Bellisimo Italia! Why Calabria should be on your bucketlist

A holiday is always a good idea, obviously. But imagine waking up on the ocean side, mindblowing landscapes, the Italian culture and food (I mean, do i need to say more?). Italia has so much to offer. It’s not strange that Italy is getting more popular day by day. But for this article, forget about the touristy Amalfi coast (also pretty, but trust me, there is so much more than this tourist route). Because today we’re gonna talk about one of the prettiest area in Italy, Calabria.

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Calabria is without exaggerating one of the last undiscovered places in Italy. Calabria is the most southern province of Italy. And not only popular for tourists but mostly by the Italian themselves. Let’s start with Why you should choose Calabria? I mean besides the fact that this Provence has mountains, national parks (Aspromonte, Sila & Pollino), a really long coastline with turquoise clear water, picturesque villages and hills full of lemon trees and olive trees? It’s because you experience the real south of Italy and not an over touristic trap.

The best time to go to Calabria is summertime.  But skip the busy (and hottest) months July and August, way too crowded!
Do you like cold and snow? Calabria would be perfect for you too.. What what? Imagine snowboarding in the snow and having sea views. Everything you should know is the last must-visit place in Calabria 😉 

The easiest way to get around in Calabria is the car. But, if you want to go for something different, how about hiring a scooter? Pick a couple of places and travel slow? Also local public is an option, but it’s not going that frequent as you’re probably used to. 

Must-visit places in Calabria

1. Stunning viewpoints in Rotonda

Rotonda is only 2 hours away from the airport (Lamezia Terme) and therefore makes it the perfect place to start your trip. This village is everything but touristy yet. Ideal to experience real Italian culture. If you like nature, this place you shouldn’t skip! One of the biggest national parks, Parco Nazionale del Pollino (also known as Pollino) is located here. A stunning parc with waterfalls, hiking trails, mountain biking, rafting and tubing. But also if you like yoga, this is your place to be. 

If you like viewpoints, don’t forget to take a look at Altomonte. A charming 14-century village on top of a hill, that really deserves a spot in your travel plans. 
Recommended time: 1-2 days

2.Amazing sunsets in Scilla

Let’s say the don’t call it little Venice for a reason right? This place is all about romance. The houses in this village are build, just like in Venice, on the water with little canals in the middle. Such a romantic vibe!

This is the perfect place to wander around in the little streets, try out authentic Italian food. One of the ‘classics’ foodwise of Scilla is Pece Spade, also known as swordfish.
Recommended time: 1-2 days

3. Endless coastlines in Tropea

Of all the places in Calabria, this one hits my weakspot. I’m sure you will love it too! I mean, this coastline is called ‘Costa degli Dei’, which means the coast of the Gods. Well, trust me on this one, the name is there for a reason. OMG-this place is stunning. Clear coastlines, tropival vibes and such a lovely italian vibe when you stroll in the streets.

A funny thing about this place is the typical red onions you will see everywhere. They grow it in this area and they make al kinds of food with it. Try it!

A must-visit activity in Tropea is walk up the castle in the sea. And don’t forget your camera, the view is amazing. 
Recommended time: 2-3 days

4. National park Sila, a special peace of nature.

For a special peace of nature you should go this national park. Not only is it nice for hiking, also to spot lots of animals. It´s big, like 500 hundred thousand hectares of nature. The main activity is *surprise, surprise* hiking! They have different routes you can walk, perfect for a nature break in your holiday.

Recommended time: 1 day

5. Beach lovers heaven, Capo Vaticano

Do you like the beach? Then this place should be on your travellist. To be honest, it feels like your not in Europe, but somewhere tropical. There are lots of places for wateractivies. Ever tried SUPPING? Give it a go! And did you know that this it the perfect place to see the Etna on the other side? (Sicilia)
Recommended time: 2-3 days

Hotel tip: Baia del Sol

Hotel Baia del Sol is the place to go in Calabria. Ready for some luxury and relaxation? Book this place and thank me later. The rooms are super chill, the food is the best I’ve ever eaten in my whole life, there is live music from local performers and if you’re sporty, they have a gym. Did I mention they have swimmingpools and it’s located on the beach? Everything you need to make your stay the best.

6. The secret beach of Arcomagno

This is probably the best kept secret of Calabria. Caves, rocks and a hidden beach. That sums up everything you don’t want to miss during your stay in Italy. 

The secret beach is magnificant and located in San Nicola Arcella in the North of Calabria. The best way to get here is by car. It’s a little search though. You have to find a path in the rocks and from there you can enjoy the beachview. I can write down a whole essay how to go there, but honestly ask the locals there. They know the latest information and can help you get there. Also enjoy the area around it! 
Recommended time: 1 day.

7. Gambarie, combining snowboarden with sea views!

Snowboarding and sea views. I bet you didn’t realised those two are the perfect match. Gambarie definitely deserves a spot in the Must visit places in Calabria. It’s not only unique, but it’s also super fun to try out! 

Gambari is located in the the middle of Aspromonte National Park. And the perfect place to see the Aeolian Islands and Mount Etna. In this place you should go during the winter (I mean, it’s gonna be a winter vacation break right?). Oh and you don’t need a car, it’s super easy to reach by public transport.

Recommended time: 3-4 days